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The Hunt - Part 2


We've only seen the property once, but once was enough. We know it's impulsive, but everything is so right.

Lots of water

There are some charming empty spaces, ready for buildings and gardens. The front of the lot is flooded and wet now that the snow is melting, but we are not intimidated by it. The plan has always been to dig a pond and have geese and ducks, so why not get land that already has water?

I can see where the house will be

There are raspberry bushes where we will put our house. Looking at the open space, I can imagine our house slowly sprouting up - the foundation first and then the walls.

Most of the property is still forest, but thin and young. Perfect for goats to go foraging, and the goats would clear some space for the sheep to come. Wild children can go stomping around, discovering, playing.

The view from the Thinking Rock

As we stomped through the forest, Blackwood Dad found a himself a sitting rock and we, naturally, sat a while. There's a lot of snow there and we needed a minute to catch our breath. Little kid #4 was afraid of her sled (too loud), and we've been carrying her. As we sat, I realized that we were looking at where that home of ours would be, in the distance against the other stand of trees. I could almost see it, the outline of it, and the barn in the corner.

My favourite spot

A charming old rock wall runs through the property. Someone has farmed the area before, left their mark. I can imagine walking along, exploring our land. I can imagine the sheep and the goats climbing on it. The children using it as their fort. A small cedar grove has grown up around part of it.

We didn't explore all the way back, not with heavy little kid who was too short to walk and too scared of her sled. We'll be going back soon. I can't wait to get to the back, maybe with a measuring tape to know exactly how far back we could get. We'll leave a lot of that forest in place, I think, and carve out only little spots.

And of course, the old yellow car.

The seller told us about it as if it was something to worry about, but I'm not worried. I love that car. I can't wait to take photos of it through the season, as things go from white to green and then to red and yellow again.

I can't wait.

Sleepy eyes

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